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An education that goes beyond the classroom.

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Atlanta Leadership College students will receive a well-rounded educational experience through biblical studies, collegiate courses, and practical life coaching to succeed in the classroom and beyond.

Growth Track


Our Growth Track offers a unique opportunity to take time to establish who God has designed you to be, before having to decide what career you intend to pursue. With no additional collegiate courses, ALC’s in-house curriculum will be your only academic focus.

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West Coast Track

Freshman Year - Apprentice Year

ALC partners with West Coast Bible College and Seminary, to provide students with an opportunity to receive an associates or bachelors degree in various ministry focused careers.

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Southeastern Track

Freshman Year - Apprentice Year

ALC is an extension site of Southeastern University located in Lakeland, Florida. Through SEU, you are able to attain your associates or bachelors degree in various online accredited programs.

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ALC Academic Course Curriculum

Freshman Year

01 BIB 101 - Old Testament Survey

02 BIB 102 - New Testament Survey

03 DEV 101 - Life & Character Development

04 BIB 101 - Old Testament Survey

Sophomore Year

01 BIB 201 - Intro to Exegesis

02 BIB 202 - Advanced Biblical Exegesis

03 DEV 201 - Leadership Development

04 Vocational Skills Lab

Intern Year

01 COM 101 - Intro to Public Communication

02 COM 201 - Public Communication II

03 DEV 301 - Ministry Systems & Management

Ministry Apprentice Year

01 COM 301 - Public Communication III

02 COM 302 - Public Communication IV

03 DEV 401 - Missional Ministry Project


Growth Track

Base Tuition


West Coast Track

Additional Cost


Southeastern Track

Additional Cost

+ est. 290 per credit hour

*Included in Base Tuition: Housing, Utilities, Food Stipend, & Technology Fee