College: Freshman &
Sophomore Year.

Learn. Grow. Lead. Become who you were created to be.

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Freshman Year

Your first year is your opportunity to discover who you are and the plan God has for your future. It is your time to experience new things, determine what really drives you, and to equip yourself with a foundation that is built to last. Who ever said that you had to have everything mapped out by graduation day? You’ve just accomplished a lot! Take this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to discover your purpose, and put motion to your future.

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Personal Mentorship

You’re more than a number. You’re a person. Regardless of how long your journey is with us, you will be personally mentored by members of our staff. As a student, you will be assigned to a discipleship team with an intentional focus on your individualized character, leadership, and skill development. These teams range from ten to fourteen students across all levels, and are one of the ways we personally partner with you.

Pursue Your Dreams

Whether you find yourself asking “what is next?” or you know where you are going, our gap year experience is for anyone wanting to live better and do more. With the ability to choose from one of our three diverse academic tracks, we strategically provide an opportunity to help get you where you want to go without any compromise.

Sophomore Year

Our structure is different than the traditional college experience. Instead of the standardized four-year approach, we offer strategically customized stages of learning that fit into anyone’s desired journey. Whether you choose to invest just one year or more, each stage offers opportunities for you to discover what makes you different so that you can make a real difference in our world.

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Learn To Lead

Take a plunge into a leadership position at Atlanta Leadership College and learn principles that will take you further than you could imagine. With professional training by both our church and exeutive staff, you will learn how to lead effectively and be given opportunities to put into practice daily what is taught.

A Stronger Future

Companies are not just looking for a degree; they want experience. Whatever you plan to do in your future, the odds are you will have some form of interaction with people. Our leadership intensive will teach you how to be a person of influence and become someone who will stand out from the rest.

Personal Training

Whatever dream you are pursuing, we want to help you be the best you can be. During this year, you will receive a personalized portfolio with responsibilities to help execute what is taught. You will be given moments to execute tasks, manage teams, communicate, and work together to accomplish real results in engaging environment.